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Trick Review: Ascension by Nick Langham

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Trick Review: Ascension by Nick Langham
Here's yet another take on the rising card effect. While most rising cards are much the same - a spectator selects card, returns it to the deck and the magician causes said card to rise from deck - Ascension offers a stronger revelation. Some may prefer the traditional plot, but I’m sure that many would welcome this fresh approach.

Getting a Rise

You show two decks of cards and a spectator chooses one of the decks. You deal through the cards in the deck and allow a spectator to select any card by saying “stop.” The selected card is not shown and set aside and remains clearly in view. You open the second deck and a card slowly rises from it. The spectator then turns over her selected card and it is the same card. Ascension is a great effect and the “rise” is a strong precursor to the real and dramatic card revelation. (By the way, this is the routine that’s taught on the DVD and not the one that is mentioned in the ads - this one is far stronger.) The routine is almost self working and requires no sleight of hand.

Rise and Revelation

The effect is a fresh take on the rising card plot but comes with some baggage. For one thing, you have to carry two decks to perform the trick. The gimmick is a quality one that is well made, but will probably wear out at some point. By the way, for those who love to compare rising card gimmicks, this one is nothing different. You’ve probably seen it before and it’s not the slickest approach out there, which takes nothing away from the effect.

The deck is a clever and convincing force deck that’s based on a principle by Al Koran. The decks are Bicycle stock playing cards and the trick quickly resets.

I like the trick. I’m just not sure that I want to carry two decks around during my strolling sets.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

MSRP: (US) $50

Dealers can purchase from Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.

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 4 out of 5
Ascension will Amaze them..., Member ksentell

I got this directly from Nick, while I was purchasing a remote control card fountain. Easy to understand & perform, with little practice using the Koran deck plus handling the rising card deck. Watch the angles on the rising card deck, as spectators don't need to be behind or too far back on your left or right as always. I clearly show ALL my fingers touching the deck + show NO strings or threads attached which adds to the presentation. Carrying 2 decks may seem cumbersome, but the effect & amazment is well worth it. People often scream in disblief as their card rises up... They just can't believe it !!!

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