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Trick Review: Far Sight by Devin Knight

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Trick Review: Far Sight by Devin Knight
I typically dislike tricks that ask me as a performer to move away from the cards or objects that are being used. But “Far Sight” is a card-based mentalism effect that I like that does exactly that.

Somehow, a performer can stand away from a set of cards so he can’t see them and allow a spectator to freely choose one card and cover the others. In the end, the performer correctly predicts the selected card. This one is good and will fry magicians who may be the best spectators for it. And the diabolical secret is something that I had never heard of and probably would have never have thought of.

The Prediction

The performer invites anyone to help and says that he will subliminally force a person to choose a specific card. The magician deals 12 cards face-up onto the table, walks to the other side of the room and turns his back to the spectator. The spectator is instructed to look over the cards and remove one-the cards are lying face up on the table and it’s an absolutely free choice.

The spectator covers the remaining cards so they can't be seen-all while the magician’s back is turned. While still across the room, the magician picks up a marker and writes something on a piece of cardboard and sets it aside. In the end, the magician correctly tells the person what card they selected and why. Then the cardboard is displayed and the card that the person chose is written on it.

Offbeat, Simple Secret

The trick requires no stooges, assistants, sleights, mirrors, duplicate cards, marked cards, forces, electronics, secret writing, fishing or questions of any kind. And the magician never touches the cards after dealing them onto the table. It’s a completely hands-off, single person effect that is easy to learn and perform.

The secret is new to me and it’s bold and diabolical. It may make you nervous when you first perform it and you’ll want to choose spectators wisely-an obedient, docile type will best serve this trick. Another consideration, if you perform “Far Sight,” it will have to be the only card effect in your show.

Great Routine

Devin Knight offers a well-developed routine and thorough explanations. I particularly like the psychological implications that Knight has built into the routine that creates a true build up. A consideration when performing for magicians, the routine’s double-climax actually masks the secret and negates the usual suspect methods.

The trick comes with the cards, instructions and an additional aid to perform the trick. This one is good. The only downside is that it has to be the only card effect in your set, which is limiting.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

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