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DVD Review: Enigmatic Volume 2-Alexander de Cova

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DVD Review: Enigmatic Volume 2-Alexander de Cova
There’s some brilliant magic innovations coming from Europe. Witness Germany’s Flicking Fingers and Sweden’s Tom Stone. We recently reviewed Bavarian Alexander de Cova’s excellent Enigmatic Volume 1, which we liked, and now, have the opportunity to review his excellent Volume 2.

As in his first volume, de Cova offers a mix of routines involving varied objects for close-up and stand-up, many of which are mentalism/prediction effects. As with the routines on his other DVDs, de Cova’s methods are direct and effective.

Money, Money, Money

In “Misers Dream,” de Cova doesn’t offer an actual routine for the classic effect where a magician seemingly pulls coins out of the air and drops them into a bucket. de Cova explains a gimmick-based method for producing coins that requires minimal skill and is clean and deceptive.

I particularly like the way that the method makes the coin pop out, as if it was really pulled out of the air. In fact, there’s probably no way to produce the coin in a similar manner using pure sleight of hand. Like other gimmick-based versions for producing coins, you can’t show your hand empty before producing the coin.

de Cova also presents a clever gimmick for the bucket that doesn’t require you to hold the bucket in the classic method along its walls. de Cova’s gimmick allows you to hold the outside or bottom of the bucket and still make it sound as if the coin is dropping into it. If I were developing a Miser’s Dream routine, I would definitely experiment with de Cova’s method. However, since I already have a mature and reliable routine, I’m not apt to consider this one.

Card Transposition

Based on a Bruce Cervon effect, “Boxed Transposition is a strong card routine. A card is randomly selected and the spectator thinks of a flight number and an airline, which the magician writes on the card. The card is partially inserted into the deck and left sticking out. Four queens are pulled out of the deck to act as flight attendants and are placed into a card box. The selected card vanishes and is found in the card box with the queens.

In the second phase, one of the queens is cut into four pieces and placed into the card box. In the end, the selected card turns into a queen and the four pieces in the box are found to be the four pieces of the selected card. This one is brilliant.

A Forte

In “Forte X,” the magician asks three people to each think of a card. The magician talks to each person and tries to write down an impression on blank cards, which are placed inside of a clear goblet. The spectators push out their thought-of cards from a face-up, spread out deck. In the end, the magician shows that he correctly predicted the thought-of cards by displaying what he wrote on the blank cards.

This mentalism effect is a stunner that’s based on a gimmicked deck and not a swami device, and relies on some simple, but bold handling. I caught this one, and I’m not sure if astute spectators wouldn't be apt to catch on as well.

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