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DVD Review: Master Card Technique Vol 1, 2, 3 - World’s Greatest Magic

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DVD Review: Master Card Technique Vol 1, 2, 3 - World’s Greatest Magic
If you want a solid video reference on card technique, you’ll find it in Master Card Technique. The three disc DVD set offers a comprehensive assortment of key card moves and their variations, and suggestions on how to successfully execute them.

The moves are taught and performed by Sepp Holzer and Andy Edmüller. This is a great DVD set with lots of information, but the presentation, which is far below that of World’s Greatest Magic Standards, leaves lots to be desired.


The discs in this three-volume set are a huge departure from the others in the Worlds Greatest Magic series. The DVDs usually take a type of trick and combine and present the applicable routines from the DVDs and videos of well known artists. This is the case with Chop Cup, Coins Across, Ambitious Card and more. The DVDs allow you compare routines from various pros and watch the different approaches to the effects as well as their presentations.

While the publishers could have gleaned great card material from the likes of Steve Draun and Bill Malone, Sepp Holzer and Andy Edmüller demonstrate a wide variety of moves and some flawless and impressive technical skills.

Great Reference

On the plus side, the discs offer first rate instruction on a wide variety of moves. To help you understand and learn each move, the video offers a variety of angles including: close-ups, over-the-shoulder and one from below through a glass tabletop.

While the card work, technique and instruction are excellent, this DVD features the world’s worst music that plays in the background. The music reminded me of the background music that’s played in 1930's era cartoons and comedies. It’s too bad that there isn’t an option to turn off the music as it becomes annoying over time. And the title screens are equally cheesy.

Despite the poor presentation - I’ve grown to expect a higher level from the World’s Greatest Magic series - this doesn’t detract from a great resource.

Volumes of Information

Volume One features: second dealing, palming and false counts (Elmsley, Jordan, Buckle, Hamman, Ascanio and many more). Volume two covers bottom dealing, overhand shuffle controls, card switches (six variations on mucking), side steal (six variations), card peeks (five variations) and miscellaneous steals and controls (Erdnase Shift and more).

Volume three covers center deal, false riffle shuffles (four variations), classic pass (five variations), turnover pass (nine variations), additional passes (gambler’s, Hermann, Charlier, Table Cover and more), and DLs (seven variations).

You can purchase a single volume or the entire set. I highly recommend this one to all who are serious about card technique. Get ready to practice.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

MSRP: (US) $19.95 each

Dealers can purchase from Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.

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