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Trick Review: Sudden Deck II

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Trick Review: Sudden Deck II

Sudden Deck II

Note: Since this review was written and published, the packaging and instructional materials have changed. However, the basic effect remains the same.

With "Sudden Deck II," David Regal provides an entertaining way to magically produce a deck of cards. The magician walks out with a couple of pieces of white cardboard. With a snap of the fingers, one of the pieces instantly "prints" itself to resemble a Bicycle-brand card case. The magician folds the cardboard into the shape of a box and then removes a regular deck of cards.

Out of Nowhere

I've often enjoyed Regal's hilarious and amazing performances at the Magic Castle. He's one of the few comedy magicians who gets me laughing so hard, I forget to think about how the magic is done. I end up sitting back and simply enjoying the experience.

Regal's "Sudden Deck II" provides an offbeat and visual method for creating a card box and producing a deck of cards. If you're familiar with Regal's original "Sudden Deck,&" this version offers an additional effect where the blank, unfolded card box prints itself. If you want to see this trick in action, most of the internet sites that sell it have videos that you can watch.

Easy to Learn

The effect is easy to learn and perform and requires no complicated moves. Anyone should be able to master the basics within half an hour. And Regal provides clear written instructions that are detailed and easy to follow.

The effect comes with 2 gimmicked card boxes, one red and one blue that resemble Bicycle-brand boxes. This way, you can produce a red or blue Bicycle deck. The trick also includes two white cardboard cases that may be handed to spectators for examination.

I like this effect and received a positive response from it at some shows this past weekend.

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