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DVD Review: Enigmatic Vol 1-Alexander de Cova

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DVD Review: Enigmatic Vol 1-Alexander de Cova

Cuts Like a Knife

In “Stab in the Dark,” a deck of cards is brought out and mixed. A spectator is asked to perform a single cut, complete the cut, remove the top card and place it into a card box without looking at it. Everything appears to be fair. The magician quickly scans through the face up cards in the deck, names a card and then “blindfolds” the deck by covering it with a silk. After placing a knife under the silk and stabbing it into the deck, the resulting card at the knife’s location is found to be the mate of the card in the box.

This one is good and to perform this effect, de Cova teaches some convincing false cuts that won’t take years to learn. Actually, you’ll only need about an hour. Even without the false cuts, “Stab in the Dark” is strong and fairly easy to perform.

The “Cups & Balls Move” is just that, a single move that makes it look as if you’re scraping a ball from your open hand with the mouth of the cup and resting the cup, mouth down, on the table over the ball. It’s a clean move that takes the place of vanishing the ball before performing a similar motion.

A Ringer

Ring-o-Change offers a startling transposition with borrowed finger rings. The magician gives a spectator a cloth bag and asks him or her to remove their ring. The borrowed ring is placed inside of a folded handkerchief. The spectator opens the bag that he has been holding and finds a ring box inside. The box is opened and after a big build-up, the ring is found to be a different ring, not the spectator’s. A second ring is borrowed from another spectator and placed on a stick that the magician is holding. The second ring is given to the first spectator and is found to be his ring. And at this point, the ring in the box, which had been sitting on a table, is found to hold the second spectator’s ring.
This routine is slick and requires some gimmicks and a bold move. However, there’s nothing difficult here. The ring box ungimmicked, but there’s a move that may require the box to be on the thin side. I’ve never seen a ring case like the one that de Cova uses in his performance. The ring boxes that I’ve seen from jewelers tend to be thicker. Although they’ll probably work.

Throughout, de Cova offers excellent and thorough explanations. If any of these effects sound like ones that you would like to perform. This DVD is worth it.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

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