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DVD Review: Repeal by Randi Rain

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DVD Review: Repeal by Randi Rain
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Here’s an effect that plays better than the text on the packaging and ads would indicate. It’s a cap in bottle routine, but instead of the usual plastic water bottle and cap that is so popular these days, the effect uses a heavy metal cap and glass bottle.

And the use of the PK ring offers clean handling and excellent control when compared against other methods.

Eye of the Needle

In this close-up effect, you take a glass bottle and magically place its cap inside. The cap is flat and cannot fit out of the bottle’s neck and you immediately hand the bottle out for examination. The method that I am most familiar with is that of Eric LeClerk’s as explained on Jay Sankey’s “Underground Jam ” DVD, which uses a plastic bottle and cap. Rain’s version is stronger as there’s seemingly no way that the cap could have gotten into the bottle. Also, the PK ring allows for clean handling.


The ads state that the set-up is simple and can be done on the fly with the bottle you are drinking from. While this could be accomplished, it’s unlikely that you would want to try this.

Rain offers solid instruction and explains the necessary gimmicks and preparation as well as how to perform the effect. There’s also an adequate bonus effect where a shoelace that is inserted into a cup makes the cup mysteriously suspend from the shoelace. At the end, the cup and shoelace are clean.

If you’ve wanted to perform a good metal cap in glass bottle, get out your PK ring and check out this DVD.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

MSRP: (US) $15

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