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DVD Review: Rocky Mountain Magic

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DVD Review: Rocky Mountain Magic
From 1977 to 2004, the legendary Doc Eason was the featured magician at the Tower Comedy/Magic Bar in Snowmass Village, CO. This title, a DVD re-release of the 1990 video of same name, depicts a magical evening at the Tower some 16 years ago. And the disc offers a tantalizing bonus, commentary by Eason himself.


When Rocky Mountain Magic" first hit the market as a VHS video in the nineties, it was a hit in the magic community. While the footage, which has been transferred to DVD, remains "performance only," there's still lots to admire and learn.

Eason's act, effects, presentation, audience interaction, crowd control and comedic timing are near perfection. The original video footage has aged well and the magical entertainment, as presented by Eason, is as relevant now as it was 16 years ago. Eason is always worth watching and he shows us bar magic at its best.

[Editor's Note: Eason has another DVD that profiles his bar magic, "...after all these years...."]

Knowing Your Name

Watching the video, you'll see how Eason learns the names of his audience to increase their participation, draws spectators in and maintains their attention. Throughout, you can see Eason subtly checking to see whether audience members need drinks-a staple of bar magic and the business side of the art.

Eason performs a coin trick, ambitious card, card under glass, bill in lemon, a bar bet routine, three-card monte and card on the ceiling (through the blades of a spinning ceiling fan). You'll also enjoy the numerous gags, routines and bits, and Eason's interaction with the crowd and the bartender.


The big addition on DVD is directorial style commentary. Eason offers some insights-what he is doing, why he's doing it and other bits of business. Interestingly, from the commentary, we learn that the footage wasn't as spontaneous as it looks. This was a planned, staged production.

Much of Eason's commentary discusses aspects of the video shoot. While Eason explains no secrets, he offers hints on the "bill in lemon" shown in the video, something that magicians constantly asked about. The last DVD extra is a slide show that displays vintage photos from the Tower and some celebrity shots.

Those who already own the VHS video may enjoy the added commentary on the DVD. But as in the past, the real joy is simply watching Eason at work.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

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