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Review: Bicycle Masters Edition

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Review: Bicycle Masters Edition
For card handlers, a fresh new deck that is worked in just right is one of life's pleasures. And if you're lucky enough to own Ellusionists Bicycle Masters Edition, a high-end Bicycle deck that's printed by the United States Playing Card Company, you're working with the best quality deck that's probably out there. And its stunning, redesigned Ace of Spades adds icing to the cake.

Premium Cards

The Bicycle Masters Edition comes in a colorful box (see picture), and when you initially take out the deck, they look just like a pack of ordinary Bicycle cards. But when you begin to work with the cards, you can immediately feel the premium, casino-grade card stock and the slick UV500 Elite Airflow Finish. This deck is great for performing card flourishes: fans and such.

The Ace in the Hole

These cards, right out of the box, are a joy to work with and designed to last some four times longer than an ordinary Bicycle deck. In addition to the new box, the deck features a stunning Ace of Spades (see picture) that is sure to draw attention.

Ellusionist charges $3.99 for each deck, which isn't a lot more than what you would pay for a regular deck in a drug store. If you purchase 12 decks, you can purchase them for less than $3.50 a piece.

Smooth as Silk

I like these cards and enjoy working with them. However, since I go through lots of decks-this past summer with my restaurant work, I went through a deck a week-I'm probably going to stay with the Bicycle decks that I purchase in bulk at my local warehouse store.

But after hours, I can enjoy working with my Bicycle Masters Edition deck when I know that there's no water or grease around to ruin my cards. So if you want to work with the best, there's no alternative to Ellusionist.com's Bicycle Masters Edition.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

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