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Review: Divine Time - Jason Palter

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Review: Divine Time - Jason Palter
Venue: Works best on stage but may be used in a formal close-up show.

What the Ads Say: “Divine Time is a reputation maker. Your audience will be stunned when you divine the time on a freely chosen watch from your personal collection! No pre-show, no fishing, no prompting...no way!”

Analysis: This is a fine mentalism effect with a great theme that’s easy to perform. Indeed, there is no pre-show work or fishing involved.

A first rate mentalism effect, Jason Palter's Divine Time offers an entertaining routine that’s built on a time theme. While the effect involves digital watches, the secret mostly relies on a time-tested, well known method that’s used in combination with a new concept.

Watch This

The performer displays a collection of digital watches in a large, clear plastic bag. A spectator reaches into the bag, randomly selects several watches and verifies that they all display different times. Without looking, the spectator freely chooses a watch, and hides it behind his or her back.

Without looking or seeing the watch, the performer correctly divines the time that’s displayed on the watch. The watch may be closely examined at the end and there’s nothing to find. In fact, the working watch may be given to the spectator (the manufacturer sells replacement watches).

The Time Warp

The effect comes with a great theme. The given patter talks about how energy and rhythms flow throughout the universe, and that a watch’s quartz crystal’s vibrations could theoretically be transmitted through people. “Divine Time” comes with everything you need to perform the effect including: the bag, 20 digital watches, an instructional DVD and a manuscript.

This one is easy to learn and perform and is practically all presentation. The DVD offers a performance by Palter as well as instructions, and you can learn the entire effect by reading the documentation.

Got Time?

The trick is almost foolproof, although the method, a classic mentalism secret, is one that I’ve used, but don’t particularly care for. However, I know that hundreds of mentalists and magicians constantly use this method.

This may be a personal thing, but I dislike having to rely on batteries that can run out at the wrong time. With a watch battery, there’s simply no way to tell when it’s running low. Fortunately, even if a battery fails during a show, you can recover and you still have a routine. The effect does come with extra batteries, which is helpful.

In all, Divine Time is a good effect with an intriguing theme that’s based on time. And that fascinating bag of watches is sure to command attention on stage.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

MSRP (US): $100

You can purchase directly from Jason Palter.

Dealers can purchase from Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.

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