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Trick Review: Fate-Rick Maue

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Trick Review: Fate-Rick Maue
This incredible bit of mentalism involves five spectators and six poker chips and serves two powerful revelations. I successfully performed the routine at three shows this past weekend and it received a strong response. I can’t say enough great things about Rick Maue’s “Fate.”

The Setup

In “Fate,” five audience members are brought forward--one joins the performer at the center of the stage and the others freely position themselves on four laminated targets that mark “spots.” The performer introduces six small packets made of aluminum foil. Wrapped inside each packet is either a red or blue poker chip.

The four audience members freely select a foil packet, which is opened to reveal a poker chip, either red or blue. The two remaining packets are opened to determine what two chips have been left behind. The performer then poses a question about whether spectators believe that the decisions that they make affect their lives-or is everything predetermined?

The Payoff

The audience member at the center of the stage picks up a stack of cardboard signs that has been sitting face down on the table the entire time. As he or she displays them, each sign details exactly what has just occurred-step-by-step-as if all of the choices made by the four different audience members were predetermined. Furthermore, after the last sign is revealed, the targets near each spectator are shown to predict the color that each spectator chose.

The effect is easy to learn and perform. You have to create a simple gimmick out of low-cost materials found at any grocery store and craft/art store. I’m not an artsy, crafty kind of guy, but I had no problem building the gimmick and performing with it. And I only needed to use basic office tools to create the gimmick.


The trick comes with materials for three different outcomes in case you want to repeat the effect at later shows. Aside from the previously mentioned gimmick, “Fate” comes with everything that you need, as well as clear, well-written instructions. The props are all high-quality. The effect, which consists of packets, chips and 8.5" cards, packs small and plays big, and allows for lots of audience interaction.

This was my first time performing pure mentalism in my shows and I was very pleased at the response that Fate received from my audiences. Some audience members asked me about it afterwards so I know that it made a positive impression.

“Fate” is brilliant. I’m looking forward to performing this one regularly.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

You can order “Fate” for $35 from Rick Maue’s website.

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