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Trick Review: "Refraction" by David Penn

“Refraction” by David Penn

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Trick Review:
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Here’s a demonstration of psychic power. Instead of twisting a spoon or fork into a mass of mangled metal, how about causing a delicate wine glass to bend at its stem? David Penn’s stunning “Refraction” teaches you everything you need to know to perform his signature effect that he says encourages clients to constantly re-book him.

I like the technique and execution, but venues don't appreciate an entertainer who is destroying and giving away their wine glasses.

Got the Bends?

In “Refraction,” you hold a borrowed wine glass in both hands and by simply rubbing its stem, cause it to bend. In the second phase, the spectator holds the wineglass and it appears to bend further in their hands. At the end, you can give the wineglass to the spectator as a souvenir.

“Refraction” is a stunning and visual effect that’s not hard to perform. The method is exactly what anyone with a little knowledge of spoon bending would expect. It’s an effective optical illusion and to support and sell it, Penn offers and teaches good handling that hides the secret from spectators at most angles. As you would expect, the glass needs to be prepared beforehand out of the sight of spectators - another secret technique in itself that the DVD explains.

The Setup

Penn also discusses effects that he performs before “Refraction” that provide a good introduction to the routine and provide cover to ready it. There’s also a segment that talks about how to perform the effect on a stage.

Penn says that beforehand, he casually swipes a glass from the venue and prepares it. And after performing “Refraction,” he signs the wine glass and gives it to a spectator.

While spectators may like this one, and Penn says that he gets lots of repeat bookings because of it, I'm sure that venues dislike a magician who is destroying their wine glasses and encouraging clients to take them.

Unfortunately, Penn doesn't even comment on this aspect and seems to think that he's entitled to take wine glasses for the sake of his effect. In my book, this is called destruction of property and stealing and not something that lends to the good reputation of magicians.

This is a great effect, but fifty bucks is pretty high for a DVD. On the other hand, if this is one that you want to learn and use, it can be worth the money. But please, if you're going to perform the effect, do it in an ethical way with your own wine glasses.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

MSRP: (US) $50

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