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Trick Review: Decisions by Mozique

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Trick Review: Decisions by Mozique
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An amazing prediction that is always under your control, “Decisions” allows you to prove to a spectator that you can anticipate his or her answers.
You show a spectator two cards, one with the word “no” and the other with the word “yes” handwritten on their faces. You place the cards into your pocket and bring out one and turn it so the spectator can’t see your prediction. You ask a spectator a “yes” or “no” question and when you show your prediction card, it’s always right.

Great Gimmick

The effect relies on a spectacular gaffed card that performs all of the dirty work. This is one of those gimmicks that magicians will have as much fun examining as they will performing with. The gimmick is a quality one that works flawlessly.

The effect is easy to learn and perform and there’s no sleight of hand or funny moves. Place the card back into your pocket and you’re reset ready to go again. Also, as the ads state, there’s no writing, flaps, sticky cards, magnets or elastic.

Decisions, Decisions

“Decisions” comes with strong routines that you can perform and will get your creative juices flowing. There’s lots of possibilities with these cards. I know that I have plans for them.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

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