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Trick Review: 37 by Marc Oberon

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Trick Review: 37 by Marc Oberon
It’s an offbeat mentalism effect that based on an equally offbeat idea. Marc Oberon takes the statistical “37" number force trick and combines it with a prop that covers all of the possibilities. While the effect is decent, it’s the prop that’s cool. I originally saw Oberon perform this trick on the Sessions 2007 DVD where he demonstrated but did not explain it (click here to read our review).

Think of a Number, But....

In “37,” a folded slip of paper is shown and identified as a prediction. The slip is placed into an empty envelope and left in full view. With the usual coaching on the part of the magician in traditional “37" fashion, the spectator is asked to think of a two-digit number with certain convoluted requirements. When the spectator eventually names a two-digit number, the prediction is removed and is shown to contain the named number.

The trick comes with everything you need including the envelope, slips of paper and instructions. The trick is not difficult to learn and perform, it’s completely self-contained and requires minimal reset. Actually, once you get used to working with the prop, you can reset it as you put it away.


Oberon has successfully adapted a well known effect, used by no less than David Blaine in one of his television specials, and turned it into one that won’t miss as the original often did. If you don’t mind the setup of explaining and coaching a number, you may enjoy performing this one.

Of concern, the envelope, which does the work, relies on an adhesive that is probably too aggressive and causes the envelope’s flap to wear prematurely. And in any event, after performing this trick for awhile, you’ll eventually wear out the envelope and need to buy a new one.

I’m not all that fond of the trick, but I love the envelope and am working up some other ideas to make use of it. If you like the classic “37" trick, you may like Marc Oberon’s version in “37.” I liked this effect a lot more than Oberon’s “Oddball” effect that I evaluated earlier (click here to read the review).

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

MSRP: (US) $25

Dealers can purchase from Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.

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