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Trick Review: Postal! by Larry Becker and Lee Earle

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Trick Review: Postal! by Larry Becker and Lee Earle
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With images of exotic and far off places, Larry Becker and Lee Earle offer a baffling bit of mentalism that involves postcards. This one is very good.

Pick a Postcard, Any Postcard

You start with a set of high quality and different 4 x 6-inch picture postcards that depict various places-there are no duplicates. A spectator is asked to mix the post cards and can ask nearby audience members to mix them as well.

The cards are dropped into a brown paper bag. As you look away, a spectator is asked to reach into the bag, grab a few postcards and hide them from view. A second spectator is also asked to take another postcard from the sack and keep it out of sight.

With no questions, you can immediately tell the first spectator how many postcards he took from the bag. This spectator is then asked to count the postcards and give them to you, with the exception of one. Without asking questions and without looking, you can immediately describe the picture on the remaining postcard. At this point, you describe the postcard that the second spectator is holding.

No Fishing

The method is clever and subtle. As the ads state, there are no compartments, duplicates, sleights, cribs or fishing. At the end of the routine, you are effectively clean. The selection of the postcards are free. If you like, you can also present “Postal” as a prediction. “Postal” comes with 36 high-quality and attractive post cards-everything that you need to perform the effect.

The effect is not hard to learn and perform, but there are several things to memorize. Although you wouldn’t want to perform the trick after only half an hour of study, you could in this time master the basics.

I really like this one and plan to perform it for a television shoot next week.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

MSRP: (US) $49.95

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