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Review: Street Cups DVD and Book by Gazzo

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Review: Street Cups DVD and Book by Gazzo
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Gazzo, the legendary street magician, demonstrates and teaches his famous cups & ball routine. It’s the money-making routine that he uses to close his street shows.

You not only get to watch Gazzo in action in three separate performances and as he teaches you the moves and routine, you can also read the accompanying book that offers further insights and acts as a reference -- it’s truly the best of both worlds. If you’ve always wanted to learn the cups & balls and work it on the street, Gazzo’s DVD and book are required watching and reading.

Best of Both Worlds

Gazzo has been evolving and performing his cups & balls routine for some 25 years. His presentation is a crowd pleaser that features edgy humor, lots of audience interaction and seven stunning large loads at the end. It’s Gazzo’s take on the classic Dai Vernon and Malini routines.

It’s rare to come across such a thorough teaching tool that includes both a DVD and book. The DVD lets you watch the master in action and learn the moves and listen to his explanations. The book, on the other hand, offers additional information and offers illustrations and lessons that you can refer to as you learn the routine.

Taking it to the Streets

The DVD offers one hour of live performance footage with three separate performances in front of real street crowds. It’s a pleasure to watch Gazzo work. The three performances feature different crowds and while the routine is consistent, Gazzo uses different jokes and bits to accommodate different spectators and situations. Best of all, you can see how he encourages spectators to fill his hat with cash.

The teaching sections are detailed and cover equipment, moves, misdirection, subtleties and presentation advice. Gazzo doesn’t just teach the moves and routine, he covers body position, where to stand, psychology, interacting with the crowd, wand placement on the table, working with angles, where to look and more.

It's Gazzo

You can purchase this DVD and book to learn a powerful routine that’s been proven on the street and encourages stunned spectators to contribute to your hat. You can also purchase this DVD and book to gain insight into working on the street. But the strongest reason to consider this set is because it’s Gazzo.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

MSRP: (US) $49.95

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