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Review of Smart Ass by Bill Abbott

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Review of Smart Ass by Bill Abbott
This effect by Bill Abbott may initially sound like "card under the seat," but it’s not. It's a powerful prediction effect that relies on a very fair (or seemingly fair) selection of a playing card. The effect, which is interactive and entertaining, is great for stage. And even if you don't care for the effect, which is unlikely, you'll love the force.

Be Seated

You invite a spectator onto stage and clearly place a jumbo card face down on a chair without revealing it's identity. You invite the spectator to sit down on the mystery card.

You shuffle a deck of playing cards and clearly show that they are different. The spectator cuts the deck into two piles and places them in either hand and then freely tosses away either pile over his shoulder. It’s a completely free choice. The process is repeated.

Down to the last few cards, the participant freely chooses one card. With his final choice in hand the spectator stands and picks up the jumbo card to find that it matches their selection exactly.

Forcing the Issue

The card choice appears fair and the spectator chooses which halves of the deck to toss away. The force come courtesy of a gimmicked deck that can withstand casual shuffling by spectators as well as momentary examination. The deck is also fairly easy to handle and the trick simple to perform.

As the ads state, you can perform this one surrounded; the effect plays to big audiences and the selection of the cards mostly occurs in the hands of spectators. Also, the trick relies on no equivoque or "magician's choice," nor are there any switches or complicated moves. The chair is completely ungimmicked and you can use any chair.

The DVD features clear instructions by Abbott and there are several excellent scripts that reside on PDF files on the DVD.

This prediction effect is very strong and another winner from Bill Abbott.

MSRP: (US) $60

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