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DVD Review: Paperclipped Special Edition by Jay Sankey

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DVD Review: Paperclipped Special Edition by Jay Sankey
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With two-and-a-half hours of video, Jay Sankey leaves no stone unturned and no aspect uncovered on his “Paperclipped Special Edition.” On this DVD, Sankey talks in-depth about technique, patter, psychology and more. It’s a downright video dissertation on the effect.


In Sankey’s “Paperclipped,”you bring out a folded card that has a paper clip attached to it, which is left in full view on the table. A spectator selects a card, signs it and returns it to the pack. When you later unclip the card and unfold it, it turns out to be the spectator’s signed card-a close-up miracle.

Sankey starts at the beginning and teaches in-depth the two key moves that are necessary to accomplish the effect and offers detailed discussions on patter and psychology. It’s effectively everything that you need to know to perform the effect.

Since Sankey has performed the effect countless times over twenty-something years, we can all benefit from his experience. I appreciate the fact that Sankey talks briefly about getting “caught”-something that few performers of his caliber are willing to admit. But you can bet that the information that Sankey provides will make the effect as “air tight” as possible.

Clipped Variations

Sankey also offers some variations on “Paperclipped.” I liked “Shroud” where the folded card is wrapped in masking tape for security (and differentiation). A version called “Full Lotus” turns “Paperclipped” into a stunning transposition with lots of misdirection at a key moment. Sankey also delves into the possibilities of mentalism with a version called “Gifted.” And if you don’t care for the key move, Sankey offers two variations that don’t require it.

Another welcome section near the end of the DVD has Sankey presenting the two effects that he uses to lead up to “Paperclipped.” With this routine, you can see how Sankey mixes card effects for maximum impact and entertainment. He also discusses how to adapt Paperclipped to different environments and the stage.

If you’ve always wanted to perform Sankey’s “Paperclipped,” this DVD is the ultimate authority on the topic from the magic creator himself. And if you already perform the effect and are interested in learning about variations or perhaps fortifying a weak spot in your handling that you would like to improve, this DVD can be a good investment.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

MSRP: (US) $30

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