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DVD Review: Tickling The Mind #2 by Mel Mellers

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DVD Review: Tickling The Mind #2 by Mel Mellers
Mel Mellers is a successful magic performer and his DVD, “Tickling The Mind “ strives to teach other magicians how to apply themes to their effects and improve their routines and act. I found his “Tickling The Mind #1" to be a mixed bag, but generally liked this second effort. On this DVD, Mellers presents commercial routines and clever presentations.

Point and Cards Across

As the name implies, “The Mel Mellers Cards Across” is indeed, Meller’s version of “Cards Across.” Two people are brought onto stage; count nine cards each and deposit the cards somewhere on their bodies. Mellers then presents a hilarious gag to an audience member that causes several cards to magically pass from one person to another.

The DVD offers several mentalism effects. In “Holiday Destination,” Mellers correctly guesses where three audience members would like to go on a vacation. “House Number Prediction” is a comedy mind-reading piece that involves the description of a spectator’s home that Mellers draws on a paper pad. This one offers him lots of opportunity for jokes and he correctly guesses the address on the door.

Mellers presents a blindfold routine with his “Seeing With the Fingertips.” Here, Mellers is blindfolded and identifies objects that audience members hold in their hands. I like the way that Mellers not only explains how to perform the trick but offers some nuanced staging that makes the effect far more convincing. I have never wanted to put duct tape over my eyes while performing, but if I ever to, I would certainly consider this effect.

Miser's Dream

The strangely named “Attracting A Crowd” is simply Mellers’ “Misers Dream” where he seemingly pulls coins from the air and deposits them into a bucket. Mellers’ stand-up version is good, but offers no interaction with spectators as most “Misers” routines do. Also, he’s rather brief on the explanation and offers little beyond the bare basics.

In “Meet Me In Your Dreams,” Mellers shows how to apply a powerful theme to a well known and perhaps overused effect. This is Mellers’ entertaining and involving approach to “Invisible Deck” that is fresh and different.

Breaking the Law” is Mellers’ rope and hoop routine where a hoop repeatedly passes through a rope. This visual effect offers a fun theme about breaking the laws of physics.

Sam, I Am Not

In the spirit of “Sam the Bell Hop,” “Thinking On Your Feet” tells a story with playing cards. Unlike “Sam the Bell Hop,” the emphasis here is not on flashy sleight of hand but on painful puns. Mellers brilliant routine is performed with jumbo cards but could be performed with regular-sized playing cards. He appears to be making the story up as he goes along, which adds to the entertainment.

Since Mellers is a British performer, the story talks about pubs and has other British references. But it should be easily adapted to any culture with just a little brainstorming. This one is very entertaining, but the payoff pun at the end is probably best for non-family audiences.

Mellers is a hilarious entertainer and an excellent magician who has lots of advice to offer. His “Tickling the Mind 2,” the second in the series, is the stronger of two DVDs that offers more commercial effects. You may find something to like here.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

MSRP: (US) $39.99

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