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Trick Review: The Scorpion Pro UV Kit

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Trick Review: The Scorpion Pro UV Kit

Chosen cards reveal themselves in an eery glowing light, and messages, personal dates and serial numbers mysteriously appear. Illuminated UV ink and light form the basis of Ellusionist's Scorpion system, a series of props, instruction and impressive effects. Brad Christian and his team have compiled a system that offers some intriguing possibilities.

While you can purchase the Scorpion props individually, they are sold in convenient kits. Depending on your performance style, you may or may not use all the props and devices found in the kits. But the kits as a whole, in addition to the provided instruction, provide a thorough introduction to Ellusionist's brand of impressive UV-based magic.

See the Light

The system's cornerstones lie in UV ink and light, which come in the form of a marker and a flashlight. The marker works like any other marker except it draws with UV ink. Using this, you can write on skin, paper, fabric and playing cards, which offers lots of possibilities for spirit writing, hidden messages and visual skin tattoos.

The finger-palm size UV flashlight comes with a convenient neck strap. To help you draw images, the kit includes a plastic stencil sheet to form letters, numbers, ESP symbols, hearts, spades, clubs, diamonds and more.

Super Sharp

MagicSmith's Super Sharpie, a well known magic prop that works as a "swami writer," is offered here in a version the secretly writes in invisible UV ink. Using this, you can secretly write a number, selected card, name of a person - anything - on a piece of paper or object without anyone knowing. And the writing stays invisible until you shine the UV light on it.

Keep in mind that with UV ink, the Scorpion Super Sharpie effect is strikingly different from that of a conventional swami routine. Instead of seemingly writing a prediction on a piece of paper and later showing that it was correct, in the Scorpion world, you secretly write a revelation without spectators knowing it, which mysteriously appears at a later time.

On Hand

To secretly mark a spectator's hands, the system offers a mechanical stamper. The concept is similar to that used in D-Lite's The Stampede System, a system that is a "stamped" variation of the classic "ash trick."; In the Scorpion version, a card is revealed by shining the UV light onto a spectator's hand, which mysteriously unveils an image of a card. UV light offers the possibility of secretly marking someone an hour in advance and he or she will never see the mark until you shine the UV light.

While the stamper can be finger-palmed (it appears to be a miniature stamper designed for offices that has been adapted for magic), it's rather large and unwieldy, especially when compared to D-Lite's Stampede system (which could be used with UV ink). It takes more effort to mark a volunteer using Ellusionist's stamper than it does to simply perform "ashes" the traditional way. And you have to watch your angles when using the stamper. But the marking can be accomplished, as Justin Miller demonstrates in his performance sequence on the DVD.

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