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Trick Review: Taylor Made Book Test by David Taylor

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Trick Review: Taylor Made Book Test by David Taylor
David Taylor offers a strong and easy book test effect in his “Taylor Made Book Test.” His method is easy to setup, learn and perform and allows you to use virtually any book.

In the Book

The book test, is a classic effect where a magician asks a spectator to select a random word from a book and then, through seeming mind-reading, tells the spectator what they are thinking.

The DVD explains how to alter any book–according to Taylor, the one-time setup can be accomplished in under twenty minutes and you’re ready to go. The effect requires no force and may be repeated with different results.

Examining the Books

Taylor says that spectators can freely examine the book, however, with the alterations necessary to perform the trick, I would be very nervous about handing out the book for spectators to study. This is not a negative as some casual handling on the part of the magician should allow most spectators to see the book and be convinced that it is not gimmicked.

The first effect is The Taylor Made Book test, the trick’s namesake. You take a dictionary that contains thousands of words, turn your head away and then riffle down through the pages of the book until your spectator calls out “stop.” The spectator notes the word at the top of their selected page. The book is now handed to the spectator to hold and without “fishing” you’re able to divine their word.

It's a Secret

The second effect, Secret Santa, is a mind-reading routine that employs the “Taylor Made Book Test,” this time, with a catalogue. In this routine, which involves a secret gift to a chosen person, you are able to discern the name of a gift recipient, the amount that a spectator wishes to spend, along with the gift that they have chosen from a catalogue. This one combines a classic mentalism technique with the “Taylor Made Book Test” to create a powerful routine.

The third effect is an explanation of "The Hoy Book Test" which is an impromptu, ungaffed book test. If you’ve been looking for a low cost book test to add to your act or can use a technique where a spectator freely selects an item but you can know exactly what it is, you may want to check out “Taylor Made Book Test.”

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

MSRP: (US) $25

Dealers can purchase from Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.

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