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DVD Review: Open Traveller by David Acer

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DVD Review: Open Traveller by David Acer
An eclectic travelog that’s interspersed with various effects and moves, David Acer’s “Open Traveller” DVD covers his trip during the Fall of 2002 when he toured various cities along with Rick Bronson before performing at an Edmonton Oilers Home Opener. The DVD teaches some strong close-up magic and features some hilarious segments from the road as well as from Acer’s and Bronson’s acts.


In “Fresh Mint,” a tiny piece of foil is formed into a small, unconvincing disk that is supposed to resemble a coin. With a squeeze of the fingers, the disk turns into a real coin and the hands are shown to be empty.

I particularly liked “The Montreal Transpo,” a two-card transposition that uses a sealed envelope and features an innovative prediction that is read through the sides of the envelope. This one, which involves several phases that build, is really good.

Coke Induced” is a routine where a cap from a Coke bottle changes into a beer-bottle cap and then a Coke bottle turns into a beer bottle. Coin workers will immediately recognize the bottle-cap work and the routine relies on a standard magic prop. This one is easy to perform.


Unflappable is a torn-and-restored matchbook routine that is clean and not difficult to perform. In this routine, Acer offers a particularly strong “convincer” that involves a phone number provided by a spectator. In a sense, it’s like a “signed” version of a conventional torn and restored routine. Depending on where you live and perform, however, finding a match book these days in a restaurant or bar can be a problem.

Acer teaches a convincing and flashy “double” with his “Twirl Double,” as well as a bit of mentalism called “Mitosis” that relies on an add-up pad and reveals Acers cell phone number, a cool bit that he performs on the street.

Shifting Shades

Based on Marc DeSousa’s fantastic “Shape Shifter” move (please click here to find out more about the move), the similarly named “ShadeShifter” offers a color-change of a signed selection that is quite visual. There’s a flourish called the “Spinner” that Bronson uses to replace a card on the deck in a flashy way. There’s also a nice vanish and reproduction of a small ball (Acer uses a chop cup ball), and a solid transposition card effect.

Throughout, and in-between the effects and explanations, the DVD offers comical bits that Acer recorded on the road. Acer is hilarious and always worth watching. And the magic here is strong. You may find something to like.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

MSRP: (US) $30

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