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Review: Time Machine and Touches by Kenton Knepper

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Review: Time Machine and Touches by Kenton Knepper
Instead of a prediction in the vein of an Al Koran Medallion-style effect, Kenton Knepper has turned a prediction into a theme of time travel in the spirit of H.G. Wells. It is truly inspired and brilliant work.

Make a Date

A spectator is selected and asked to think of a time and country to travel to. The spectator is given a U.S. coin to hold. After some byplay, the spectator finds that she is holding a foreign coin from the place she traveled to in her mind and confirms that the date on the coin is the year she thought of.

The main effect is striking and ingenious. What I like is that instead of a standard prediction, Knepper has turned the effect into one of time travel and bringing back evidence from the trip. The routine is not difficult to learn and perform and there are no complicated moves. You will need to purchase some props that should cost under $50.

Finishing "Touches"

In addition to "Time Machine," Knepper teaches some fine psychological points to augment it. He teaches how to make it appear that a spectator is in a hypnotic trance and can't momentarily recall her name.

There are also a couple of "psychic touch" effects where you don't touch the spectator but with her eyes closed, she can sense your physical touch. These are easy to learn and perform and require no additional props or gimmicks.

About Time

With "Time Machine and Touches," Kenton Knepper tips a powerful routine with an intriguing theme and teaches some excellent psychic finesses. This is entertaining mentalism.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

MSRP: (US) $35

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