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Trick Review: Endless Rose

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Trick Review: Endless Rose
A stage effect with lots of potential, “Endless Rose” allows you to pick a full-sized red rose from a half-dozen roses; continually pluck the flower from the stem and immediately regenerate a rose at its end, and for the finale, cause the bare stem to produce a yellow rose.

A Rose is Not a Rose

The trick is easy to learn and perform and comes with quality props that function flawlessly. It can work well in a dramatic or romantic section of your stage act, or as a part of a comedy routine, say, a scenario where a magician is nervously getting ready for a big date.

While the ads say that you can perform this close-up, it’s far more of a stage effect. The trick requires some sleight of hand, but it’s very simple as the prop does most of the work and the individual flowers are easy to hide in your hands. The props work exactly as they are supposed to, and from a distance, they look real despite the fact that the stems are plastic and the flowers are cloth.

Rose to the Occasion

You can immediately learn the effect by reading the instructions and the kit also comes with an instructional DVD. With the kit you receive the “Endless Rose” gimmick and five ungimmicked yellow roses. I think that this one is reasonably priced for what you are getting.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

MSRP: (US) $45

Dealers can purchase from Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.

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