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Review: Inside Thoughts by Haim Goldenberg

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Review: Inside Thoughts by Haim Goldenberg
I was first acquainted with the work of Haim Goldenberg on his "Between 2 Minds," a three-disc DVD set where he collaborated with Guy Bavli. The DVD set offered 15 strong mentalism routines for stand up, stage and close up (please click here to read my review).

The Prediction

One of the effects that I liked was Envelope Prediction. You bring out a prediction that's held in a large file envelope. Several spectators are asked to name numbers, which are written down by a volunteer and added together. The envelope is opened to reveal the correct number. I thought it was one of the strongest in the collection.

"Inside Thoughts" offers the gimmicked envelope used in the effect. And with this envelope, you can predict a good range of possibilities, up to nine, and with some work, 18. The predictions can be numbers, celebrities, colors or anything that you wish.

More Thoughts

After a spectator freely names a parameter, you pick up an envelope that has been laying in full view the entire time. You open the envelope and out falls a smaller envelope. Open the smaller envelope and an index card falls out. Written on the index card is the named parameter. It's an effective "multi-optional" and indexing envelope.

"Inside Thoughts" comes with everything you need including; index cards, envelopes, and instructions. If you already own the DVD, you can easily make your own set from the instructions provided there and won’t need to purchase this prop.

The envelope is simple and easy to work with. There are literally lots of possibilities here.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

MSRP: (US) $38

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