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Stand-Up Magic - Volume 2 (World's Greatest Magic)

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Stand-Up Magic - Volume 2 (World's Greatest Magic)
This is another great DVD in L&L’s “World's Greatest Magic” series that compiles lessons from noted magicians and their earlier videos. As the name implies, "Stand-Up Magic - Volume 2" presents a variety of effects that may be used in stand-up performing situations.

Because of the broad premise, the routines span the gamut. This is the second DVD of three and offers routines by Michael Finney, Flip, Michael Ammar, Michael Close, Steve Dacri, Steve Draun, Fielding West and Eddie Tullock.

Stand Out

Technically, stand-up magic is performed on a stage or platform and may be used to entertain small and large crowds in venues that can be as tiny as a living room to big stages.

Often overlooked by magicians as a beginner’s trick, “Professor’s Nightmare” can play well to lay audiences. Michael Finney presents and explains his version that seemingly covers every aspect of making the effect convincing and smooth. If you’ve ever wanted to perform this trick, Finney’s explanation is the best that I’ve seen.

Flip offers a “Champagne Production” from a large mailing envelope. A spectator is brought onto stage and reaches into an envelope to find a picture of a champagne bottle. The picture is reinserted into the envelope and when it’s pulled out again, the image of the champagne bottle has vanished. The magician then reaches into the envelope to pull out a real champagne bottle.

Weighty Matters

Michael Ammar presents a hilarious version of the “110 lb Card Trick” that is little more than a card transposition effect that puts the volunteer into a funny predicament-standing on one foot. For the effect, Ammar offers a nice bit where he “bends” a deck of regular cards into crooked ones and uses them.

Michael Close, in “A Visit From Rocco,” offers a routine where single dollar bills are counted in an unusual way and later, the pack is found to contain a number of bills of different denominations. For this one, Close has brilliantly adapted a close-up effect for use in stand-up situations by incorporating jumbo bills.

Steve Dacri offers his take on the classic “Sucker Egg & Hanky.” His version features a volunteer who mirrors his motions and arrives at a different outcome at the trick’s conclusion. The magician changes a handkerchief into an egg and then explains that the egg is hollow and receives and holds the handkerchief. When the magician explains the steps necessary to perform the trick, the handkerchief disappears and the magician is left with a real, raw egg that is cracked and emptied into a glass. Dacri offers a nice switch that occurs at the usual, crucial, juncture.

A Ringer

Steve Draun performs and explains “Vernon's Linking Rings,” a six ring routine with the classic prop. From what I can tell, Draun performs Vernon’s routine fairly intact, but offers his own changes, particularly because he adapted the stand-up routine for use in close-up and more intimate venues. This routine is also explained on his Standing Room Only: Vol. 1 (please click here to read our review).

Fielding West is a comedic genius and I thoroughly enjoyed his “Coke Bottle Vanish / Glass of Water Production / Water in the News.” West vanishes an empty Coke bottle in a paper bag. But before he crumples the bag, he pulls out a champagne glass of water - the bottle has turned into a glass of water. He attempts to vanish the water in a newspaper while blindfolded. But instead of pouring the water into the newspaper, he dumps it onto the floor, completely missing the paper. At the end, he pours the water out of the newspaper. This one is hilarious and all Fielding West.

Conquer and Divide

Eddie Tullock, the famous trade show magician, offers “The Four and a Half of Diamonds.” This is a basic card force trick that has been dressed up with patter for use in trade shows. If you aspire to work trade shows, you may get some good ideas by listening to Tullock. But this effect is a specialty item that probably doesn’t belong on this DVD.

Since the effects are so varied, it’s a pleasure to just sit down and watch these amazing artists perform their equally amazing effects. Stand-Up Magic - Volume 2 (World's Greatest Magic) is definitely worth the look, as is Stand-Up Magic - Volume 1 (please click here to read our review).

MSRP: (US) $19.95

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