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Review: My Precious by Haim Goldenberg

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Review: My Precious by Haim Goldenberg
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I was impressed with "Between 2 Minds," a three-disc DVD set by Haim Goldenberg and Guy Bavli that offered 15 mentalism strong routines for stand up, stage and close up (please click here to read my review). <p>While the DVD set was pricey at $120, I still recommended it. "My Precious" was one of the effects described on the DVDs and this kit offers all of the materials that you need to perform it.

Pseudo Psychometry

"My Precious" offers a bit of pseudo psychometry. Here you select four spectators who have finger rings and while you look away, have them place their finger rings into coin purses. The coin purses are mixed by another spectator.

After gathering the coin purses, you remove each ring from its coin purse and identify its owner. Without looking inside of the last purse, you describe the ring in detail. This one offers lots of strong audience interaction and uses rings, objects with lots of personal connections.

The Ringer

While the DVD (sold separately) shows you how to make your own props, many could have encountered problems trying to find and purchase the right coin purses. For this reason, it's great to have the four coin purses in this kit ready to go.

The purses are subtly gimmicked to perform most of the work for you. The kit also comes with adequate instructions so you won’t need to purchase the DVD.

Ringing In

The trick is not difficult to perform and there’s no real setup. If you own the DVD set and wanted to perform this trick, $45 is a good investment.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

MSRP: (US) $45

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