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Stand-Up Magic - Volume 1 (World's Greatest Magic)

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Stand-Up Magic - Volume 1 (World's Greatest Magic)
Another great DVD in the L&L’s “World's Greatest Magic” series that compiles lessons from noted magicians and their earlier videos, "Stand-Up Magic - Volume 1" presents a variety of effects that may be used in stand-up performing situations. Because of the broad premise, the routines span the gamut and include parlor magic, mentalism and more. And as the name implies, this DVD is the first of three.

Take It To the Bank (Night)

Technically, stand-up magic is performed on a stage or platform and may be used to entertain small and large crowds in venues that can be as tiny as a living room, to big stages. All of the strong routines here definitely apply.

Richard Osterlind presents an entertaining version of “Bank Night.” Here, the magician presents a series of envelopes, one of which contains a $100 bill. Spectators get to choose envelopes and leave one for the magician. Should they pick the envelope with the bill, they get to keep it. Despite lots of opportunities to make decisions and trade, Osterlind ends-up with the bill. This great effect offers lots of audience interaction, as well as suspenseful and humorous moments.

Like a Circus

Johnny Thompson, in “Koran Medallion,” offers a prediction effect. Numbers are randomly called out by spectators and Thompson then removes a medallion that’s hanging around his neck that has the numbers engraved into it. It’s a convincing effect and Thompson offers some sly turns of patter that make this one a miracle.

Bill Malone offers an entertaining version of the classic “Invisible deck” in his “Standing Ovation Invisible Deck.” It’s pretty much the standard presentation with additional comedy and interaction. In his routine, Malone brings a volunteer on stage.

Harry Allen offers a grown-up version of “A Day At The Circus.” This marketed effect is one that most magicians would probably write-off as “kids only.” However, Allen offers a take that features hilarious interaction with some volunteers. The magic effect is only so so, but there’s definite entertainment value.

Bill Anywhere

Instead of using a messy lemon, Paul Potassy uses a potato in his “Bill in Potato.” A borrowed bill is signed, its serial number noted and then is vanished. It is found in the middle of a potato that’s being held by a spectator. This effect was originally published in "The World-Renowned Magic of Paul Potassy" (please click here to read our review).

Terry Seabrooke presents his “Burnt Banknote Routine” where a borrowed bill is lost in a series of envelopes. After allowing the spectator pick one envelope and burning the others, it’s found that the spectator has selected the wrong envelope. Not to worry, Seabrooke reaches into his jacket and retrieves a wallet that contains the borrowed and signed bill. While the trick itself is compelling, the gem here is watching Seabrooke in comedic action. And he offers some valuable advice on building your own comedy routine.

The great Falkenstein and Willard present their “Gypsy Rope Mystery Escape.” Willard is bound up with ropes that are tightly cinched by audience members. She steps into a curtained hoop with a male spectator. In seconds, the pair emerge, but the male spectator no longer has his sport coat on and Willard is wearing the coat. All of the tied ropes remain in place. It’s a stunning presentation. This one alone is worth the price of the DVD.

Petrick and Mia offer “Linking Silks.” Here, Petrick and Mia tie a series of silk handkerchiefs into loops which then link and unlink.

Since the effects are so varied, it’s a pleasure to just sit down and watch these amazing artists perform their equally amazing effects. Stand-Up Magic - Volume 1 (World's Greatest Magic) is definitely worth the look.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

MSRP: (US) $19.95

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