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Review: Shellraiser by Troy Hooser

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Review: Shellraiser by Troy Hooser
This DVD with the clever title teaches you how to perform near miracles with coins with an equally clever and well known gimmick. This is the instructional DVD that I would have wanted when I was starting out in my coin magic. And the routines here reflect much of what I do with coins today in my professional work.

Getting Coins Across

As the title implies, Troy Hooser offers an excellent introduction to tricks that use the popular and effective coin gimmick. He teaches versions of coins across, coins through table and a slick matrix routine.

He teaches a "lite" version of his trademark exTROYdinary, a trick that I often perform. In this routine, three coins magically appear and then disappear. Hooser also teaches various techniques that include: productions, transpositions and vanishes, and discusses specialty coins.

The Gimmick

The DVD comes with a gimmick. On the plus side, these gimmicks usually cost around $35. On the downside, the gimmick that came with this DVD was too tight to work properly, which was a major disappointment.

Hooser offers excellent and detailed instruction, although you should have a foundation in basic coin sleights before working with the tricks on this DVD. Interestingly, there is no discussion on how to manage sound, something that’s inherent to the technique and gimmick. I'm sure beginners would appreciate this.

Coin Basics

Along with studying Bobo and David Roth (“Expert Coin Magic”), this DVD provides another powerful instructional tool for learning and mastering coin magic.

The DVD is worth the price, but the enclosed gimmick, unfortunately, will be another addition to the magic junk drawer.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

MSRP $25.

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