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Review: Branded by Tim Trono

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Review: Branded by Tim Trono
Here's an amazing card revelation that has seen numerous methods and approaches.

In Branded, Tim Trono offers an innovative and practical method for the blister effect that keeps your hands away from your pockets and reduces the number of props that you'll need to perform the trick. An additional twist, an existing blister on your finger morphs into symbols that represent the selected card.


You show a painful looking blister on your thumb. A spectator selects a card and concentrates on it while gazing into the flame from your lighter. You pinch the flame and the blister morphs into symbols that represent the chosen card. If, for example, the spectator chose the king of clubs, he'll see a blistered club symbol on your thumb and a “K” on your first finger.

While this trick has been around for awhile, it usually required you to access a gimmick in your pocket. This is certainly the case with Jason Palter's excellent Third Degree Burn that I reviewed some time ago.

Tim Trono has created a gimmick that slides over an everyday Bic lighter and removes the need to carry an additional prop. Best yet, the dirty work happens in front of spectators and with your hands out of your pockets. This is downright brilliant.

Masked Gimmick

The gimmicks are well made and sturdy, and they're dark so they blend in with a black Bic lighter. You won't want to hold and display the lighter openly, but with casual handling, it should draw no attention to itself. The gimmick is practical and very easy to use.

You receive two gimmicks. The smaller gimmick that works with a mini Bic lighter offers you one card revelation, while the larger gimmick for the regular size Bic lighter offers three card revelations. Both can create the generic blister. I like this idea of morphing an existing blister into card symbols instead of simply creating a blistered symbol. I think it's more magical.


The props come with an instructional DVD that's hosted by Gregory Wilson. There are lots of performance segments to watch and Wilson thoroughly covers handling and offers many options for further effects.

Wilson is an appropriate host as he is a true magician's magician and his "Off the Cuff" DVD is one of the finest instructional discs out there that explains magic with everyday props.

Blistering Effect

I know that these blister effects get great reactions. You do have to watch your lighting as it has to be adequate so spectators can see the blisters (Wilson addresses this and offers a solution on the DVD). Furthermore, you have to make sure that your audience has adequate eyesight to make out the blisters on your fingers.

If you've been wanting to perform the blistered card effect, Branded offers an efficient and powerful method. You're already carrying a lighter for the trick, now you can make it work for you.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

MSRP: (US) $49.95

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