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Book Review: Stop Smoking Mentalism

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Book Review: Stop Smoking Mentalism
Stop Smoking Mentalism,” by Dr. Fabio Tabbo', not only offers a fantastic routine, it offers thorough instructions and patter for every stage of the effect. You will understand how to perform the routine after reading this book. There’s seemingly no stone that’s left unturned.

Thorough Background

What’s equally impressive is the thorough background information that Tabbo’ discusses and applies. You’ll read lots of relevant information that will help you successfully perform the effect and apply the maximum amount of psychology. Here, Tabbo’ discusses techniques drawn from mentalism, hypnosis, psychology, linguistics, magic and more. It’s fascinating material that is worthwhile reading. The concepts presented here can even improve your overall mentalism and magic.

In the routine, a spectator is called-up to participate in an experiment of “stop-smoking hypnosis.” She’s asked to “smoke” an imaginary cigarette and vividly visualizes its smoke, smells, taste and more. As she brings the invisible cigarette closer to her hand to stub it out, she feels a significant amount of heat.

Anytime, Anywhere

The effect can be presented under a wide variety of conditions and to spectators, looks to be impromptu and without gimmicks. The performer is nowhere near the volunteer when she feels the heat. On the technical side, there’s no pre-show work, no preparation of the physical environment and no assistants or stooges. The magician looks clean at the start and end.

This effect where heat is secretly applied to a spectator's hand isn't for every performer, but it’s rare to encounter a magic text that treats a single effect with such detail, insight and clarity. “Stop Smoking Mentalism” is the first installment in the “Close-up Hypnosis series,” a collection of hypnotism and mentalism effects. This is an outstanding start.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

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 5 out of 5
Mental miracle, Member Beckham1

Thank you for publishing this book, I had the strongest reactions ever when I performed the effect in a pub full of smokers, the participant almost fell off his chair! Well maybe he was a bit drunk, but still the feedback from the audience was amazing

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