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Review: DIVINE2 by Stathi Zaf

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Review: DIVINE2 by Stathi Zaf
There are many ways to apparently read a spectator's thoughts, and Stathi Zaf offers a diabolical and clever device that you can make that effectively does the job. For close-up work where you and your spectators are standing, Zaf's DIVINE2 prop can be an excellent addition to your mentalism arsenal.

Great Impression

DIVINE2 is an impression device that is embedded in a deck of cards and should be fairly easy to construct. Without knowing what to expect, I figured that an impression device was being used based on what I saw in the performance video, but the prop is quite innocent and disarming to spectators.

There are no complicate moves or sleights. The steps in the routine are justified and workable and the prop is a street worthy gimmick that is reusable and has no consumables. Also, it resets quickly, practically in seconds, but you will want some privacy when doing so.


Zaf offers excellent instruction to show what materials to purchase and how to build the prop. While I didn't actually price the materials, I don't think you'll be spending much over ten dollars (US). He also teaches you everything you need to know to perform the effect and there's a performance segment with real spectators on the street.

This one is powerful and has lots of potential.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

MSRP: (US) $24.95

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