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DVD Review: Treasures Vol 2 by Alexander De Cova

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DVD Review: Treasures Vol 2 by Alexander De Cova
On this DVD, Alexander De Cova offers some excellent versions of torn and restored card and sympathetic silks and an unconventional card to wallet that incorporates an envelope for good measure. This VHS instructional video that’s been resurrected on DVD also explains some good utility moves for cups and balls and Benson bowl. It’s an eclectic mix and some of the material is repeated on some of De Cova’s later DVDs, mainly “Enigmatic.”

In a Flash

Flash Restoration offers a torn and restored card routine that is easy to do. As the name implies, De Cova’s gimmicked method restores a torn card in almost the blink of an eye, and there’s a receipt in the form of a torn corner that fortifies the effect. Also, to spectators, the torn and restored card is one that was “freely” selected.

As the name implies, Blank Cheque Transpooffers a check that’s signed by spectators and vanishes, and is found inside of the marker that was used to sign the check. In the astounding Pro Card To Wallet, a signed card is not simply found in a wallet but inside a letter, that’s inside an envelope (already opened), which is in the wallet. This one is good, but you do need a table for this one, which means that it’s not optimal for walkaround.

Sympathetic Silks

De Cova’s Master Silks Routine is an astounding “Sympathetic Silks” routine where two silks that are shown to be separate are later found to be knotted together, even after being held in a spectator’s hands. At the same time, a second set of silks that were tightly knotted together by a spectator and placed into a bucket is found to be separate. This one relies on a clever gimmick and some subtle handling that makes for a baffling effect that is easy to perform.

This effect was also featured on De Cova’s later Enigmatic Vol 1 DVD By the way, Paul Potassy explains a stronger multi-phase “Sympathetic Silks” on his recent DVD, The World-Renowned Magic of Paul Potassy.”

Making Moves

De Cova offers a series of Cups & Balls Moves. The first set involves moves that compliment the usual opening of a traditional cups and balls routine where the magician introduces the balls, places them on top of each inverted cup and then proceeds to vanish each ball. At the end, the balls are found to have mysteriously traveled under each cup. Instead of offering a single vanish that is repeated three times, as many magicians do, De Cova offers three different methods for vanishing the ball with a wand, which adds variety.

Another cups and balls move is one where De Cova appears to scrape a ball off his palm using the mouth of an inverted cup and makes it appear that the ball now sits under a cup that’s resting on the table. It’s a clean move that takes the place of vanishing a ball before performing a similar motion. I’m practicing this one to incorporate into my walk-around chop cup routine. This one was also explained on De Cova’s later Enigmatic Vol 1 DVD.

Silk Transformation

Ball To Silk offers a utility move and explains a gimmick that allows a magician to convincingly change a billiard ball into a like-colored silk. The change happens quickly while the magician tosses the ungimmicked billiard ball between his hands. A New Rope Move offers De Cova’s technique to manage the secret to many rope tricks. It’s applicable to the beginning of a “Tabari Ropes” routine. However, while I perform “Tabari Ropes,” I’m not inclined to alter my handling.

Chopstick Vanish is not a vanish of a chopstick but a move that may be used to vanish a sponge ball in a Benson bowl routine. Despite the name, this move may be performed with a magic wand as well as a chopstick.

This DVD is worthwhile for the flash restoration of a torn card and sympathetic silks. Some may also like De Cova’s unconventional card to wallet.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

MSRP: (US) $29.95

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