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Trick Review: Zero Gravity by Jay Sankey

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Trick Review: Zero Gravity by Jay Sankey
This one is a tough call. Jay Sankey calls "Zero Gravity" the ideal opening effect when you walk up to a table. Indeed, he makes a compelling argument. The effect is fast and garners attention and there's no need to explain what just happened, it's quite apparent.

Despite this, I find the effect to be offbeat and simply can’t warm up to it.

Keeping Balance

In the effect you walk up to a group holding a folded dollar bill. You rest a small object such as a borrowed wallet or cell phone at the end of the folded dollar bill and then let go of the end of the bill while holding the other. In this two-second effect, the object is somehow supported by the folded bill.

You drop the object onto the table and can then hand the bill out for examination. You're effectively clean. The effect can be performed with a borrowed dollar or a folded paper napkin.

Suspended Belief

It's a suspension, something on the order of a miniature chair suspension. Actually, I believe there's an old beginner's magic trick that is similar and employs a butter knife as a support that's slipped inside of the folded dollar bill.

The trick comes with a gimmick that effectively performs its job. The effect is not difficult to learn and perform and Sankey offers lots of in-depth instruction on the DVD as well as detailed background information and advice. The DVD and gimmick are reasonably priced.

Worth the Money

Perhaps it's just me, but I just don't care for the end effect. Watch the video that Sankey provides on his web site and if you like what you see, I can tell you that the trick looks to spectators as it does in the video. You can decide then if this trick is for you.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

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