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DVD Review: Bish Bash Bosh by Magic Dave

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DVD Review: Bish Bash Bosh by Magic Dave
Magic Dave, AKA Dave Allen, is a successful kid show performer in the UK. This DVD showcases the routines that he uses in shows, many of which are prop-based (in order to perform the effect, you'll have to buy the magic prop).

Allen has a great rapport with kids and I thoroughly liked his silent puppet routine. If you're putting together a show for younger kids, you'll probably find some great ideas on this DVD.

Inside Kid Shows

To start, Allen talks about the equipment that he uses. You can tell that he's a worker from the way that he describes his equipment. There’s great advice here, but on the downside, I wish that he would have provided more background on his audio control system and backdrop.

Off The Meter is a marketed effect where kids yell and their volume is shown on a gauge. This effect is a natural for kids and Allen shows how he makes the most of it.

As mentioned earlier, I thoroughly enjoyed Allen's Silent Puppet Routine. Allen gets great personality out of his bird puppet (sold through a vendor). The magic trick is a well known one that isn't a stunner, but succeeds because of the hilarious interaction between the magician and puppet.

Miser's Dream

Allen teaches a good Misers Dream where he produces coins from a volunteer. Miser's Dream is a standard in many accomplished magicians' shows and while Allen's version is entertaining, I prefer Chris Capehart's routine which is more sophisticated and involves more kids (please click here to read our review). On the other hand, I do like that hilarious “ear thing” that Allen does at the end.

Mutilated Brolly is Allen's take on a well known parasol effect where separate scarves and the fabric for a parasol trade places. His Magic Marksman routine has a volunteer trying to pop a balloon by pointing and shooting at it with a magic wand. Both of these effects involve marketed products.

Nesting Wands

Yet another marketed effect is Allen's Nest of Wands routine, which uses the prop of the same name. I was aware of this effect before watching this DVD and after viewing Allen's performance, I still don’t care for it. It's corny entertainment that may entertain the youngest children, say under five, but it's rather irritating to anyone who's older.

An offbeat effect that I think can’t be seen well from stage is his Top Trump Card Tear, a torn and restored card effect. I'm not sure what a "Trump" is, but I'm guessing it’s a type of card game in the UK that features themes such as popular television shows.

Magic Carpet Ride

Allen offers a second puppet routine that involves ventriloquism. It turns out that Allen is a far more accomplished magician than a ventriloquist. As the name implies, Merry Switch Can Vent Routine involves a prop-based switch.

While he doesn't show himself performing the well known Magic Carpet suspension, he discusses how he uses it in his shows, why he uses it, the strength of the trick and his modifications to make the effect more convincing. I do like his approach to performing the illusion. There's also a performance only stage routine that Allen performs with a duck and involves large stage props.

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