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DVD Review: Protons by Chris Priest

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DVD Review: Protons by Chris Priest
Would you willingly pay $30 for a DVD that teaches sponge balls? When it's Christ Priest’s visual and stunning routine, you'll learn a powerful and commercial routine that slays and entertains lay spectators.

Magicians tend to forget that there’s power in sponge balls, and Priest shows that there's a lot more that you can do beyond the standard routine that’s explained by the instructions that come with the well known magic prop.

Not Routine Sponge Balls

Priest's routine begins with some impressive productions, courtesy of a well known gimmick. Before the usual multiplying balls portion, Priest performs some baffling "sponge ball across" style effects and produces a sponge ball from a spectator’s hand.

From here, the routine becomes fairly conventional with the usual multiplying balls - two in the hand and one ball in pocket, and the single ball joins the other. The seeming finale occurs when Priest places two balls into his hand and places one in his pocket, and they all vanish.

While you can end the routine here, Priest has one more stunning, lay-spectator pleasing segment that's courtesy of another well known gimmick.

Compact, Plays Big

This routine is a real winner for strolling and close-up sets. And even if you already have a sponge ball routine, you may discover some new ideas that you can incorporate and use. In any event, this is one crowd pleasing routine, courtesy of those little squishy balls.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

MSRP: (US) $30

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