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Trick Review: Wild Poker Trick by Boris Wild

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Trick Review: Wild Poker Trick by Boris Wild
Another poker-related title that capitalizes on the game's recent popularity is Boris Wild's Wild Poker Trick. This effect offers a visual and spectacular transformation where a poor poker hand suddenly turns into a royal flush in spades.

Deal Or No Deal?

The transformation is convincing and all cards are shown back and front. You won't be able to hand out the cards for examination, but the change is stunning.

The trick is not difficult to learn and perform and requires no complicated sleights but only basic card handling skills. You can simply bring out the cards and perform the trick, or use the better approach that Wild teaches where you remove the cards from an ordinary deck.

The cards are printed on standard Bicycle stock and Wild shows how to use different style cards from the U.S. Playing Card Company if you choose to.

A New Deal

This is a powerful gimmicked card effect that is explained well through an accompanying DVD and Wild does a great job of showing how to use the cards. However, this effect would be easier to learn through written instructions. As it stands, when Wild shows the initial order of the cards, you have to write it down so you can refer to it later.

In all, however, Wild Poker Trick deals a winning hand.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

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