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Trick Review: Falling Angel by Christopher Gustin

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Trick Review: Falling Angel by Christopher Gustin
A gimmicked card effect in the vein of Peter Eggink’s Heatwave and Lottery Card, Falling Angel makes it look as if you are removing an angel from the back of a Bicycle-based ace of clubs and placing it onto the front of the card.

It's a good effect, but the handling is probably too difficult for a good number of beginning magicians.

Falling Angels

A spectator selects a card and it's placed on top of the deck. You proceed to wipe the angel off of the back design, turn over the card and then deposit the angel on the face of the card. You can then hand this card out to be examined.

The trick is visual and quickly resets as spectators are watching. You don't need a table to perform this one. And if you already perform an ace routine, this has the potential to be an excellent add-on.


The recommended handling requires palming, which will make lots of beginning magicians nervous. And the suggested palming is not conventional. I was aware of the technique but had never before learned or used it. You can use a more conventional palm if you like, as I did.

At first glance, it would seem that there would be an easier manner to handle the gimmicked card, however, the card is altered on both its front and back, which justifies the handling. It's not difficult, but unconventional and more in the league of experienced card handlers.

Fall For This One

If you like the sound of Falling Angel, it may be worth a look. However, it's not for beginners.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

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