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Cash Card by Jesse Feinberg

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Cash Card by Jesse Feinberg
With a dollar bill and a playing card, the magician causes the card to seemingly pass through the bill. A dollar bill is first folded around a playing card, which traps the card inside. The card is then slowly pulled through the bill as if it is melting through it. This one is visual, convincing and easy to learn and perform.

Pass Card

The card is gimmicked and may not be handed out afterwards, but the bill is entirely normal and can even be borrowed if you can find a bill of a certain condition (an old, rumpled bill won’t work). At the end of the effect, the bill is still folded and may be handed out for examination.

The effect is stronger if you can make the card appear to be one that a spectator has chosen, which will require some basic card skills. One downside, the gimmicked card doesn’t lay down entirely flat as a normal card does.

Getting Carded

This effect is convincing and relies on a clever gimmick. After reading the instructions, you’ll be able to perform it after twenty minutes of practice. While I prefer the various bill penetrations that rely on pens that may be handed out afterwards along with the bill, this one is good.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

MSRP: (US) $20

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