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Trick Review: Puzzle Paradox by Larry Becker and Lee Earle

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Trick Review: Puzzle Paradox by Larry Becker and Lee Earle
Murphy's Magic
This is no simple puzzle, but a strong mentalism routine that involves a jigsaw puzzle. Somehow, a spectator’s freely chosen piece from a bunch of random ones is the very piece that's missing from an almost fully assembled puzzle. It's a compelling routine for stand-up or stage that features good audience interaction.

Puzzle Over This

You show two 11 x 14 inch jigsaw puzzles; one that's assembled in a frame and the other that's still unassembled in its box. You shake the pieces in the box and allow three spectators to take a piece and examine it. You offer other pieces for the spectators to compare against. The box features different pieces with various patterns and shapes.

You place the lid onto the box and hand it to a spectator and instruct him to shake the box, lift the lid and remove an inside puzzle piece that has no straight sides. You slowly take the piece from the spectator and then show that it is the very piece that's missing from the assembled puzzle. It fits right in and is a perfect match.

The Puzzle

Murphy's Magic
There are no transparent or opaque bags and no switches, and the puzzle box and frame are completely normal. The kit comes with the assembled puzzle in its frame, and additional pieces in a puzzle box. The written instructions are thorough and the excellent routine is well written and thought through. This one is not difficult to learn and perform as there are no sleights or things to memorize.

The creators state that the puzzle looks like a motivational poster. While there is something of a motivational statement underneath the picture of the tortoise, the image doesn’t quite have the polished look of the inspirational posters that adorn the walls of corporate offices and buildings. I don't see this one hanging in an office.

Puzzle Master

The size of the puzzle makes this one more of a stand-up than stage item. The theme of a puzzle with a missing piece is a good one that everyone can relate to, and the routine offers a visual piece of mentalism that is inherently involving and mystifying. There's lots to like here.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

MSRP: (US) $149.50

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