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Review: Kings Fool by Kipp Sherry

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Review: Kings Fool by Kipp Sherry
To promote your magic business, Kipp Sherry's "Kings Fool" provides you with artwork and everything you need to make and distribute a simple trick that is essentially a business card.

The Clipped Card

To start, Kings Fool is a trick that we taught and called "Clipped Card" (click here to view this trick), but with a pre-printed card that resembles the five glued-together cards.

Briefly, you show five playing cards together and point out that the red King is clearly in the middle of the five cards. You offer the backs of the cards to the spectator and ask him to clip the king with a paper clip. Because of the optical illusion, most people will be unable to clip the King.

At this point, you can give the trick to the spectator so he can perform it for his friends and family. And of course, the card has your website and phone number printed on it so anyone who views the trick can think of you when they want to hire a magician.

Complete Kit

The enclosed CD provides artwork that you can easily adjust in a basic image-editing program, including "Paintbrush," which comes with Windows. You add your name and phone number and then print out your own cards.

The cards will need to be output in color on a color inkjet or laser printer, and you will have to print both sides of your card stock, which can take some experimenting to get right. You print four cards to a standard letter page and then cut these apart. The final cards are professional-looking and attractive.

Taking Care of Business

The disc also features a couple of videos that show how to add contact information and perform the trick. If you want professional quality cards made for you, Sherry offers these services. Based on the sample that came with the kit, the final product is attractive and detailed.

The overall concept is a good one and with this kit, Kipp Sherry provides everything that you need to learn how to make the trick and perform it and print out your own cards. If you can use a giveaway to promote your business, Kings Fool is worth a look.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto


To order, contact www.kippsherrymagic.info.

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