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Review: Super Clipped by Cosmo Solano

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Review: Super Clipped by Cosmo Solano
This close-up effect is a strong enhancement of a well known, classic trick that we called "The Clipped Card" (please click here to learn this trick). "Super Clipped," which starts as "The Clipped Card," results in a stunning five card change.

Standard Clipped Card

You show a spectator five cards, two black 2's and two black 3's and the ace of hearts in the center, which you hold together in "clipped card" fashion, and ask them to remember the position of the middle card (an ace). You turn around the five cards and ask the spectator to clip the middle card (ace) using a paper clip. Most spectators will clip the back of the middle card.

When you turn the cards around, you show that their paper clip is nowhere near the queen (click here to see where most spectators guess the middle card resides). The secret is based on the fact that a group of cards displays in different ways when shown in front versus the back, an optical illusion.

Going Super

After the standard trick, you show the spread of five cards again to prepare for "Super Clipped." This time, you separate the red ace from the four black cards and allow your spectator to clearly clip it and then you set it on the table. At the trick's end, when the clipped card on the table is turned over, it's shown to be the 2 of clubs. Furthermore, the four cards in your hand turn into four aces of hearts.

The effect is a good one that provides an excellent and powerful followup to the well known "clipped card" trick. And it's particularly good for audiences that are already familiar with the basic trick.


I found some of the handling to be rather awkward. Holding the gimmicked cards together is not like holding a simple card fan, you're trying to hold them straight and aligned, and the placement of your fingers is crucial to the trick. In all, holding the five cards felt constraining and unnatural. Also, it always seemed as if one or more of the cards might slip out of position. (In our version of "clipped card," the cards are glued together.)

Since the effect relies on gimmicked cards, you won't be able to allow audiences to examine the cards. "Super Clipped" requires no sleights so it's good for beginners. However, in these effects that rely on gimmicked cards, there are some specific sequences that you'll need to learn and practice. The written instructions are clear and feature lots of helpful illustrations.

For fifteen bucks you get the gimmicked cards and a decent trick. If you already perform classic "clipped card," it may be worth looking into.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

MSRP: (US) $15

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