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DVD Review: Quarter Through Soda Can

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DVD Review: Quarter Through Soda Can

Criss Angel reveals the stunning Quarter Through Soda Can, which he featured during an episode of his A&E MINDFREAK series. In the routine, a spectator’s borrowed and signed quarter is found inside of a sealed can of soda. It’s an amazing, visual routine that requires no gimmicks or preparation and is not difficult to learn and perform. If you want to learn the effect, the DVD offers a thorough and complete explanation.

On the Street

The DVD begins with clips from Angel’s show where he showcased the effect. On the street, Angel borrows a quarter and has it signed by a spectator. He borrows a sealed can of soda from a spectator, hits the bottom of the can with the quarter and the coin vanishes.

Angel freely shows the can and shakes it-the spectators can hear the quarter rattling around in the can’s fluid. He opens the can, pours out the fluid and shows that the signed coin remains inside of the can. The spectator removes the coin herself and the can may be examined-there are no holes in it other than its opening. As the packaging states, the effect can be performed anywhere, anytime and with no special props, switches or preparation. This one is brilliant.

Great Explanation

The DVD offers thorough, step-by-step explanation by Wayne Houchin, the effect’s creator, and Angel adds his take on how he adapted the routine for his use. Houchin also offers details on using different cans-imagine that, a magical discussion that involves Pepsi versus Coke and Coors versus Bud. You also get to view Houchin’s original version so you may compare it against Angel’s. Bonus material include an in-depth and interesting interview with Angel.

If you want to learn an impromptu trick that is visual and stunning, Quarter Through Soda Can is a worthy effect.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

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