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Star Trick by Larry Becker and Lee Earle

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A prediction effect that is surprising and visual, Larry Becker’s and Lee Earle’s “Star Trick” manages to capture our society’s fascination with celebrities. This effect is based on an innovative and creative concept and is designed to be performed on stage but can also be performed close-up.

Celebrity Pictures

The magician presents a colorful 24x36 inch (61cm x 91.5cm) poster that contains 576 different, tiny celebrity photographs. A volunteer is asked to randomly select a picture as a “secret star” and keep it in mind.

When the magician unfolds the full poster, the audience immediately realizes that the hundreds of photos, when seen at once and from a distance, are actually part of a mosaic that reveals the participant's “secret star.” (You can look at the accompanying picture to view the outcome.)

Brilliant Idea

The concept is brilliant. The innovative thought behind the effect creates a visual revelation that is something of a rarity in mentalism. I also like the fact that audiences are not only impressed by the correctly predicted outcome, there’s the realization that the images form a bigger picture, which adds to the impact.

As you would expect, the effect relies on a simple force that is not explained very well in the instructions. But the force, which relies on stickers that come with the kit, is workable and not difficult to learn and execute.

“Star Trick” comes with everything that you need to perform the trick. The poster itself is colorful and of a high-quality and is even printed on tear-resistant paper for durability. It’s packaged in a cardboard shipping tube that doubles as a carrying case so you can easily take this one with you.

If your act can use a visual prediction effect, or you like the idea of performing magic with a celebrity theme that has a surprising outcome, “Star Trick” may be worth the look.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

MSRP: (US) $69.95

Dealers can purchase from Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.

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