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Edge by Kevin Parker

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Edge by Kevin Parker
Beyond his self-levitation, most lay-people seem to recall David Blaine’s "card through window" effect from his television specials. “Edge” offers a similar effect where a magician places his hands on both sides of a glass door and causes a torn-off corner of a card to pass through the glass to the other side. It’s not as impressive as a standard card through window, but this one is visual and can be performed alone.

Through the Looking Glass

The magician displays a card with a torn corner and puts his empty hand around to the other side of a glass door, keeping it there with his fingers spread wide open and the palm visible. The other hand taps the torn card against the opposite side of the glass and the card's corner visually falls into the hand on the other side of the window, seemingly passing right through the glass.

The trick plays just as it reads above, although the cards and corner can’t be examined by spectators afterwards. This one isn’t hard to learn and perform-there’s no sleight of hand, but will take practice to perform well. This one is probably best performed with a glass door, traditional or sliding. You can perform it on a window, but it will have to open a certain way. This will be clear once you understand the workings of the effect.

Clear as Glass

The trick requires a gimmick that you make out of magician’s materials. You may already have this stuff, but you can probably get everything for less than $15. And you’ll have plenty of material left over. Perhaps it’s best to tap a magician friend who can provide you with the small amounts that you’ll need.

I’ve seen tricks of this caliber as one of many effects on a single DVD by a known magician. $25 sounds high to me for this 11-minute DVD. And if you're looking for a card through window effect, definitely check out CTW by David Forrest (click here to read our review).

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

MSRP: (US) $25

Dealers can purchase from Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.

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