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Coins Across (World's Greatest Magic)

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Coins Across (World's Greatest Magic)
I wish this DVD existed four years ago when I was learning and trying out different versions of “coins across” for my strolling sets.

Personally, “Winged Silver;” David Roth’s “E.Z. Coins Across” and “Shelled Coins Across;” Jay Sankey’s “Mr. Clean Coins Across” (which is on this DVD), Gregory Wilson’s “Open Palm Coins Across” and Daryl's 3 Fly III (please click here for our review) were all part of my education in coins across, an effect that I regularly perform today.

Winged Silver

L&L has combined “coins across” routines from the DVD collections of several artists that include: Johnny Thompson, Michael Ammar, Al Schneider, Jay Sankey, Paul Diamond, Fernando Keops, Michael Skinner, Alexander De Cova, Michael Close and Ross Bertram. This DVD provides an education in coins across with various methods, philosophies and approaches. The routines here require strong sleight-of-hand fundamentals and use no gaffed coins.

Johnny Thompson kicks off the DVD with his version of classic “Winged Silver,” which is performed on a table and uses three coins and a different one that is used as a marker. Michael Ammar’sIncredible Coins Across” is a wonderful routine that happens in a spectator’s hands and doesn’t require a table. The ending, where the last coin suddenly appears in a spectator’s hands seemingly from nowhere is a stunner.

Al Schneider’sCoins Across” is a table based routine that makes excellent use of the “pop out” move. This one is good and Schneider offers a high technical standard to aim for.

Mr. Clean

I diligently studied Jay Sankey’sMr. Clean Coins Across” some years ago when it was available on one of his earlier videos. The routine makes good use of the “pinch” move and “pointy transfer.” While Sankey’s routine provided me with the basic moves, I fine-tuned my routine with advice from Gregory Wilson with his similar “Open Palm Coins Across” that appeared on his “On the Spot” video (in my opinion, one of the finest DVDs for close-up performers). Sankey routine is strong but angles are somewhat limited.

Paul Diamond’s table-based “The Flying Eagles” offers a good routine with six coins, three silver and three copper. Three silver coins are held in the left hand and three copper coins in the right, and the copper coins join the silver coins one by one. This one has an intriguing method for hiding the secret while seemingly displaying everything openly.

Moving Coins

Among the routines, I liked Fernando KeopsCoins Across” the least. While Keops makes use of standard moves, his version makes use of a steal that I think lay spectators may suspect. I may be thinking too much like a magician when I watched his performance, but I think spectators may notice his hands coming together.

Michael Skinner’s table-based “Flying Eagles” uses six quarters, three in each hand, and the quarters arrive one by one from one hand to the other. In the second phase, Skinner uses four coins and then a different coin, an English Penny, and the coins move between the hands.

I’m a big fan of Alexander De Cova who creates baffling effects that aren’t too difficult to perform. Despite the name, “Chinese Money Mystery” doesn’t use Chinese coins. It’s De Cova’s version of a multi-coin effect that’s described in Bobo. Eight coins are counted, four into each of the magician’s hands, and they all end up in one hand.

I like De Cova’s additions and alterations that strengthen the effect. This one is fast-the magician basically counts the coins and the magic is done. This effect is also explained on De Cova’s Treasures Vol 1 DVD (Click here to read our review).


Among the routines here, Michael Close’sToo Ahead” offers a brilliant and nimble routine that constantly changes methods so even the most suspicious audience members are kept guessing. Close’s routine morphs from a “coins across” into a “through the table” and is a real fooler. The Ross BertramPassing the Buck” relies on a clever steal, but has to be performed at a specific angle.

For $19.95, “Coins Across” is an excellent deal. If you’re building your own coins across routine and you’ve already studied Bobo and mastered basic coin sleights, you’re ready for this DVD.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

MSRP: (US) $19.95

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