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Trick Review: Mindreading 101

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Trick Review: Mindreading 101
A collection of mind-reading gags that can be used on their own for laughs, or to lead up to a major prediction or revelation, Mindreading 101 offers a set of high-quality cards that you can use right away in your act. The gags are proven ones that will be a hit with almost any lay audience.

All of the gags involve a prediction card and asking an audience member to think of something. When the card is turned around, it’s a gag. Mindreading 101 comes with the following cards.

The "No" Card
You ask a spectator if they have any idea what is written on the back side of a card. When they say “no,” you show that the word “no” is displayed on the back.

The Baby Gag
You ask a spectator to name any celebrity and when the prediction card is turned around, it shows the chosen star...as a baby. The set also includes cards that depict African-American and Asian babies.

The Bar Code
An audience member thinks of any supermarket product and estimates its price. The prediction shows a bar code.

52 Cards
A spectator is asked to name any playing card. The prediction shows a picture of all of the cards in a standard deck.

Around-the-World Trip
The volunteer names any city in the world and the card shows a map of the entire world.

Birthday Prediction
You ask the month and day of a spectator’s birthday, and the card displays a 12-month calendar.

Your Name
You ask a spectator if he would be surprised if his name was printed on the back side of a card. On the back, the card says, "Your Name."

Finally, Mindreading 101 comes with a card revelation-an 18" x 24" poster that displays a chosen card.

All of the images are printed on high-quality stock in a generous 11" by 14" size that will play to large audiences. Another plus, the cards are coated with a matte finish that doesn’t reflect a spotlight. You can make your own cards using your computer, but you’ll find it difficult to match the quality of the cards offered with Mindreading 101.

I personally wouldn’t use all of the predictions in a single routine, which would probably be too repetitive, but two or three to dress up a card revelation or mind-reading routine is just about right. If you’ve been looking for some humor to dress up your act, you’ll find it in Mindreading 101.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

Dealers can purchase from Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.

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