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Trick Review: Chaos 2 by Mark Elsdon

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Trick Review: Chaos 2 by Mark Elsdon
This is a good, visual card effect that is not difficult to learn, is easy to perform and is great for beginners.

Control Versus Chaos

In the effect, two spectators select cards and return them to the deck. The deck is cut in half and each half is set face-to-face. The deck is placed in this state into the card case, which acts as the "Chaos Machine." A “Chaos” button is pressed (actually, it’s a sticker on the box), and the deck is removed and shown to be fully interlaced-all 52 cards are alternating face and back throughout-a state of chaos.

The deck is then placed back into the card case and this time, the “Order” button (sticker) is pressed. The deck is brought back out to show that every single card is face-up with the exception of the two selected cards.

Deck Does it All

This one requires almost no sleight of hand as the deck does most of the work for you. The trick also quickly resets itself, which is an advantage in walk-around situations. The deck is heavily gimmicked using a well known method so the cards can’t be examined by spectators.

This deck can also be used in a manner that’s known to magicians as the “Triumph.” Here, the cards can be shuffled face-up and face-down and then immediately straightened out. The method is similar to that in an effect called “Cheek to Cheek” that I had seen in volume 4 of the Jeff Sheridan “Genius at Work” videos.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

MSRP: (US) $30

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