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DVD Review: Scotty York Vol.1 - Professional Tricky Bartender

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DVD Review: Scotty York Vol.1 - Professional Tricky Bartender
York’s “3-Card Monte” is an in-the-hands, three-card, find-the-card routine. At the end, all of the cards change. York makes this one entertaining with his patter.

Using a toy circular saw, in “Skill Saw Test,” York seemingly cuts a deck of cards diagonally into two decks of triangular cards. When triangular cards are selected from each half of the deck by spectators, a prediction card is found to be half one card and half the other. York presents an entertaining routine for a standard card effect and offers a reason for a deck to be cut in half.

York’s “The Rising Cards” causes a spectator’s chosen cards to rise from the deck. York’s version is a miracle as the cards rise while under a glass bell jar.

Getting friendly, “Scotty's Kiss Trick” produces a series of chocolate Hershey Kisses that York hands out to the crowd. This is a commercial effect that helps to bring the audience to your side.

Throughout the performance segments, it’s fun to watch York in action. The magic is not only entertaining, the patter is rather bawdy, which is fine for the bar environments where York plies his magic. In addition to explaining his tricks, York teaches numerous variations on well known sleights that York uses in the sticky and wet bar environment. Included here is a great side steal.

You'll want a solid foundation in sleight-of-hand before tackling this one. But any magician can learn a lot by watching York on his DVD, “Scotty York Vol.1 - Professional Tricky Bartender.” It’s an opportunity to be taught by a true bar worker.

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MSRP: (US) $29.95

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