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Review: Falling For You by Andrew Gerard

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Review: Falling For You by Andrew Gerard
As card tricks go, "Falling For You" is a decent effect with a different revelation, but the ad copy deliberately misleads. The effect is a card revelation where you drop cards, one by one, onto the floor, and the spectator's selected card takes a decidedly different path to indicate that it's the chosen one.

Falling Versus "Flying"

A spectator selects a card from a group of cards. You mix the cards and then drop them, one by one, onto the floor. The cards fall in a consistent manner and land together in a pile. One card that you drop veers away from the pile of other cards towards the spectator. When this card is turned over, it's found to be the spectator's selected card.

Here's what the ad says: "The cards are mixed and dropped to the ground by a spectator or magician one at a time landing in a neat little pile, except for one. One card takes off and flies towards the person that thought of a card."

The wording that I take issue with is "takes off and flies towards the person..." This sounds as if the card takes on a life of its own and suddenly propels itself in a different direction. This is hardly the case. The card simply drops as the others did, but its path veers slightly towards the spectator.

The Dropping Zone

If this trick still sounds appealing with this correction, you may like it. The ads are accurate when they state that there's no elastic, reset, threads, magnets or wires. You have to create a gimmick which should only take you about ten minutes, and all you need is a pair of scissors and glue.

Because you have to drop cards onto the floor, this limits where you can perform the effect. Ideal conditions are indoors and on a carpeted floor, where you won't have to deal with wind and can more easily pick up the cards afterwards.

Tile and hardwood floors are doable, but the cards will be harder to pick up later. Perform this one outside only when you have to. A breeze can completely throw off the trick. And dropping your cards onto a sidewalk will make them dirty and gummy.

"Throwing" Cards

The only downside is that spectators may accuse you of "throwing" the selected card. As a result, the trick is stronger if the spectator performs the dropping.

Because of the nature of the trick, you can probably perform this one for about ten people, maximum, who can circle around you. There are no angle issues to deal with and even with the most elementary card handling skills, you'll be able to learn and perform this one.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

MSRP: (US) $25

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